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Thursdays match saw the water levels down by about a foot on normal and with the coloured water currently in the docks, nobody was quite sure how it was going to fish. This was the first match of the year at Baltic Wharfe, in the past the fishing always starts the year slowly as its the most exposed part of the docks and as the year goes on the water warms up, the fish finish spawning and the fishing gets better and better with the best fishing normally around August time.

Baltic Wharfe is the most comfortable part of the docks to fish as you are fishing at water level with a nice sloping banks behind you, and the local pub is only 100yds away.

Top rod on the night was Pete Ellis with 11lb 1oz of skimmers and roach, Pete caught most of his fish with caster on a 5m pole, the skimmers were caught about 10m. Retired sea angler Dave Shore was second with 10lb 8oz of roach and dace all caught on a 5m pole, he was next to the winner but couldn't catch any skimmers. Third was Pete Sivell with 7lb 4oz all roach and skimmers, Pete was on end peg 18. Fourth was Rob Garland with a similar catch to Pete with 5lb 9oz. There was a tie for fifth place between match organiser Dave Clutterbuck and John Macey, both had 4lb 15oz.

Considering it was the first match of the year at Baltic Wharfe,  it fished very well, as the weeks go by it will only get better.

1st Pete Ellis  11lb 1oz

2nd Dave Shore  10lb 2oz

3rd Pete Sivell  7lb 4oz

4th Rob Garland  5lb 9oz

5th John Macey  4lb 15oz

5th Dave Clutterbuck  4lb 15oz

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