Match Lake
Shaun Kitteridge won the last in the Kev Perry Series with a total bag of 53.5lb. He also took a total over the series (5 best weights out of 6) of 229lb to win overall. Congratulations to Shaun who wins a Bullock Farm season ticket as well as his prize money. Runner up in the series was Lewis Jones, followed by Paul Faiers (who organises the series) and then Kev Perry – self-explanatory!
Shaun’s match-winning peg was 10, best hook bait was soft pellet followed by paste and the best feed has been micro-pellets. Fishing light on an 18 hook out in open water has been the best tactic to catch the many crucians and fantailed crucians in this lake.
Carp Lake Dave Brown e-mailed us a great photo of an 18.5lb mirror he caught from peg 13 using
plastic corn. The photo is on our website gallery. Ricky Seery is also on our gallery with a photo of a cracking 115lb bag that he caught along
with his brother in law, Mitch Davenport.
Small pieces of bread crust free-lined on the surface in the early morning or the evening have been tempting loads of doubles out of this lake. The shallower areas adjacent to the deep holes we dug in the winter have proved to be the most productive areas.
North Pool Whilst on holiday with us in our holiday cottages for the 8th year running, Paul Worrell from
Reading had a 120lb bag from peg 8 – details to follow in our next report. Generally, this lake is producing good bags. As in the Match Lake, pellets and paste on the
hook over micropellets are the best baits to use.
Rushcombe Lake
Presentation on this lake has been more difficult with the recent strong winds and inclement weather! However, if you fish nice and light and keep to the inside margins, there are some excellent results to be had. Any small bait has been working but plain luncheon meat has been particularly effective. All areas of this lake have been doing well.
South Pool
This ever-popular little lake is a good place to head to get out of the wind. Excelllent pleasure bags of around 60lb have been coming from the corner pegs and again, paste, pellets, sweetcorn and plain luncheon are the best hook baits, micro-pellets are the best feed.
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