Rain, rain and more rain, and we are in a drought area. With all the rivers in the area in full flood it was no surprise that the docks was heavily coloured for thursdays evening match. Strong winds made presentation difficult and the chocolate water meant the fish weren't in a mood to feed.

Making the best of conditions, at Baltic Wharf, was Pete Sivell who caught 4lb 14oz of skimmers and roach on tthe 10m pole line using groundbait and maggot. Second was John Macey with 3lb 14oz of skimmers and roach on the pole with groundbait and maggots. Dave Clutterbuck was third with a level 3lb of roach, dace and perch, Rob Garland was fourth with a mainly eel catch of 2lb 13oz, the last few weeks a few more eels are starting to show, the last few years they have been very few and far between. Fifth was Jason Bird with 1lb 13oz.

The Gloucester Canal is another water in the area where eel numbers seem to be on the increase, the number of people who go elvering around the Severn Estuary area has dramatically  reduced in recent years, perhaps this has led to higher eel numbers, it would be nice to think that eel numbers are back on the increase, do you know any waters where the numbers are going up?

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