This was the second week at Welsh back, with the warmer weather and some bait going in from last weeks match, the fishing was getting slowly better. Ideal conditions as a gentle breeze and good water colour meant the skimmers had a 'munch'.

Top rod for the last 4 matches out of 5 was Pete Sivell, give some one else a chance, with 10lbs 2ozs consisting of 7 skimmers on groundbait feeder and maggot, second was Dave, Ive only got a pole, Clutterbuck with 2 skimmers and some roach and dace with maggot, caught on the pole, surprise surprise.
Dave Shore was joint third with Rob Garland on 5lb 13ozs, skimmers on feeder with maggot, Jason bird was 5th with 5lb 8ozs and Merv Sivell had 3lbs 14ozs for 6th.

At Welsh Back you are fishing off high walls, its 10ft to the water in some places, so if you give it a try take a long keep net and landing net handle, this area of the docks can produce some massive weights of bream if you are thinking of giving it a go, but parking is a problem, and there aint any loos.

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