Thursday evenings match was moved to a different area of the docks, Welsh Back, this was the first time this area of docks has seen bait for 10 months, so nobody was expecting 'brilliant' results.

The same 'hardy' 12 anglers fish every week, even when a couple of weeks ago when we were getting minus silly temperatures, they still went. Im sure if they missed a week there 'missus' would expect them home every thursday night, so they keep going.

But Pete Sivell showed his class again by winning with 19lb 2ozs, thats 3 times in the last 4 weeks he has won. Pete caught 11 skimmers on red maggot with a liquidised bread feeder, John Macey was second with 8lbs 10ozs, 6 skimmers, next to the winner and Alan Healey was third the other side of the winner with 4lb 6ozs, 2 skimmers.

The rest of the field struggled and fourth place was Dave Clutterbuck with 4lbs 1oz of roach and dace on the pole. Andy Curry was fifth with 2 skimmers for 3lbs 4ozs.

Next weeks match should be a lot better, as the introduction of some bait will improve things, we will see.

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