The Delkim EV Plus Bite Alarm has stood the test of time, it has been around for many years. It has all the features of the Delkim Txi Plus bite alarm, but without the remote system.

Delkim EV is a highly reliable and yet very affordable bite alarm, the build quality and the technology is the same as the famous Delkim Txi.

The EV plus is an alarm used by serious anglers, it can upgraded to a remote system by using the Tx plus micro Transmitter and the Rx Plus Pro Mini receiver, this allows the user to upgrade to a cordless system at a later date, without having to sell the alarms and buy the Delkim Txi system.

By upgrading this way, you get a good range yet still retain the long battery life.

Delkim use a vibration sensing system for indicating line movement, it has a microprocessor and piezo technology, this gives indication of speed and vibration, without the need for moving parts.

The sensitivity range is large so you can make fine adjustments to cope with a broad range of conditions, from calm days to gale force winds, even strong flow on a river.

The volume control can be adjusted from silent to 100dB, this loud enough to wake you when you are asleep, a sounder box is an option but not essential.

A wide tone range, from high to low, allows you to set each alarm at different tones so that you can identify which rod is 'going off' at any time.

The alarms has 3 large rotary control buttons, the large size is great when your hands are cold, the buttons are for Sensitivity, Volume and Tone.
Each alarm has 2 super bright, highly visible flashing and latching LEDs, which are available in red, blue, white, green, yellow and purple.
To switch the alarm on or off there is a push button, which is colour coded to match the Led.
Delkim have patented a unique night marking system, which glimmer continuously so that you can find the alarms in the dark, eliminating the need for betalights, you cannot switch this facility off.
Each alarm has two output sockets, a 2.5mm outlet for use with a Delkim Nitelite Pro illuminating hanger and a 3.5mm outlet for the connection of a Tx Plus Micro Transmitter if you wish to use a remote system.