Today Ive been to Gold Valley to help Steve Sanders pick the under 19 england team to go to Italy in August.
The lads were fishing on the far bank of syndicate lake. This isnt a normal match all the lads have to fish to interantional CIPS rules and to fish in a similar style, as close as possible, to how they will be fishing in Italy.
Steve had invited 18 lads to fish, they were instructed to throw 5 balls of groundbait at the all in, and then to cup in chopped worm and caster over the top, at 13m.
The fishing was good, as is normal at Gold, with plenty of bream showing and the odd carp. The day was split into 2 trials a 4 hour morning session and a 2 hour afternoon session, the best weight was 50lb consisting of 2 carp and a dozen bream.
After the 2 trials Steve announced the following team, Connor Barlow, Ryan Watson, Alex Clements, these 3 had fished last year in Italy and 2 new faces for the under 19s Rory Jones from Hereford and Jake Dye from Sheffield.

If you fancy trying out the good fishing at Gold Valley check out their website for the latest information