Euro Banx 4 certainly lived up to it's expectations, Alan Blair and Oli Davies go on a mission around Europe. Firstly visiting Belgium where they visited the awesome Monkey Climber Syndicate, then onto a open access public water in Denmark where Alan went on a Choddy attack. They then moved onto Sweden and with an eventful ferry ride and Alan getting lost without a phone for over 3 hours, they eventually got to the next 20 acre public lake.After a busy 3 days in Sweden exploring the country then ventured off to Poland where he had special permission to fish the royal baths for some of its hidden jules! They then ventured 4 hours south to an amazing lake called the Jungle lake (also know as a mini rainbow) After what can only be described as truly incredible time as this venue it was time to move onto their last stop Germany where they met up with Marc Voosen, after a few venue changes due to bad luck with spawning they finally found a deeper venue and managed to catch a couple stunning carp.
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Don't Dream your life!! LIVE your DREAM!
Great words that mean so much ! Enjoy your fishing and keep doing what you love!

Great job to everyone involved in this production, it really is inspirational!

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