Nice to see the Puriton end of the Gloucester Canal still fishing well, my dad went between the bridges for a few hours after work, the recent rain had put a nice colour in the water.
Fishing at only 5m with chopped worm, in about 10ft of water, he caught 4 bream, 2 skimmers, 20 perch and a couple of bootlaces for an estimated 20lb+, not bad for 3 hours.
This spring the fishing at Puriton has been the best I can ever remember, about 5 weeks ago my dad caught 47 bream foe 172lb, fishing near the log ponds, the fish were shoaled up waiting to spawn, I think most of the canals bream population must have been there.
The fishing is owned by British Waterways, day tickets available on the bank, most of the time nobody comes around.
More info can be found about the fishing on the Gloucester Canal at