Nash Top Rod Chain Reaction rrp £6.49 OUR PRICE £2.50!

Stick mixes just do not act the same as the Chain Reactions. Yes they are anti-tangle but this is where the similarities end. The hook has to go into the stick mix which could mask the point, whereas the hook is easily tucked around the last Chain Reaction, without the chance of the hook point becoming fouled by any parts of the Chain Reactions ingrediants.

If you are using small hooks just scratch a groove in the last Chain Reaction and sit the hook into the groove, keeping the point safe and clean. Stick mixes involve expensive PVA stocking that is easy to rip, easy to get damp and spoil and tricky to load, Chain Reactions require no PVA, yet form the perfect casting shape when using just 3-4 Chain Reactions but unlike stick mixes even long 10-12 or more Chain Reaction rigs can easily be used.

Stick mixes dump any liquid attractors straight into the surrounding area, which washes of into the distance fairly quick; Chain Reactions contain more flavour enriched solids that leak out flavours over a longer time. Chain Reactions make stick mixes obsolete.

When cast out the Chain Reactions melt, leaving an appetizing area of food on and near the hook bait. Similar to the Soluballs the Chain Reactions are not simply ground dust (like stick mixes) but contain crumb, flakes, ground seeds and 20% of the boilies each flavour is designed to fish with. It’s this 20% boilie content that gives the Chain Reactions the edge.

Carp just love crushed and milled boilies, the increased surface area making them much easier to consume, get them eating crushed boilies and they pick up the whole boilie hook bait with extreme confidence.

Unlike many stick mixes the Chain Reactions are made with a lot of different ingrediants, some are very light and some are heavy. This makes the area around the hook bait very interesting visual wise but with the addition of the flavours leaking out of the boilie crumb and the extra flavours added to the Chain Reactions during manufacture there is an awesome area of attraction leaking into a wide area near the hookbait, immediately the rig hits the bottom which then carries on working for a long time after, right up to take time.