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Soluballs are unique ! They rapidly dissolve within minutes in your swim to produce a carpet of food particles, providing an appetising break down of food signals that will attract carp from long distances, triggering them to feed without filling them up Soluballs are packed with marine proteins, vitamins, minerals, betaine and are individually flavoured to match your favourite Nashbait boilies.

Being perfectly round they can be catapulted great distances and even throwing stick friendly, allowing you to achieve a similar effect to pellets, yet achieving perfect presentation at long range and without the necessity or disturbance of PVA bags , spodding or bait boats.

Nash Top Rod Soluballs 18mm 750grm

Bristol Angling Centre say:

If your time is limited and you want instant bites these are for you... Giving off hudge amounts of attraction and a good a quality food source, they are irresitable for big carp..