Soluball 3kg Buckets rrp £15.99 OUR PRICE £5.99!!!

Last season Nash launched the soluballs and they went down a storm, the nash field testers had some extraordinary results using them.

Soluballs break down quickly releasing smell and flavour into the water, boilies take a lot longer to do this, the quick breakdown attracts carp so much quicker, essential if you are on a short session or just want to get a long session off to a good start.

Nash Top Tip

Use about 2/3 soluballs to 1/3 boilies is the ideal level to use for maximum effect.

Soluballs is something completely different to everything else on the market, and the carp havent seem them yet, make sure your the first to use them on your water.

Easy to use, another great invention from Nash Bait