Right guys, this is my setup. First of all, the pole i'm using is the Maver Signature Pro 800. Now this pole fufils my requirements perfectly. The best  best thing about it for me is how stiff it is, you can fish it at lengths of 14-16m and when you're getting little tiny bites from these F1s, it's really responsive. You don't want a pole with a lot of lag after you strike, you want it to be really responsive. As quick as you strike you want the pole to lift.
I'm also using it with a short number four section and a short top kit, what this does is stiffen the pole up even more. I use quite a bit kinder pot which sometimes can be full of maggots, so it adds quite a lot of weight to the pole, using a short number four and a short top kit really does stiffen everything up.