Take your boilies out of the freezer, whilst they are nice and cold, take some rock salt, betaine, green lipped mussel powder and a Mcflurry spoon. Three quarter fill a drinks bottle with water, put a spoonful of rock salt into the bottle, next your betaine and lastly your green lipped mussel, give it a good shake until all the salt has dissolved, it smells awesome.

Take your boilies and trickle it over them and then give your boilies a really good mix, get them nice and covered with the liquid and then put them back in the freezer and freeze them again. After they have frozen take them out and repeat again until all the water has gone, its an awesome way of improving your baits.

I have used it to devastating effect at Wellington Country Park and caught fish to 57lb and numerous 40lb+ fish, its a fantastic way of fishing, it gives off loads of attraction and a cheap way of doing it.