WE HAVE A VACANY FOR THIS SERIES, one team has just dropped out, this leaves only 13 teams, it would be nice to get the numbers back up to 14, it makes the split sections a lot easier to work out.

Dates for the series

1st round, Saturday 23/11/13  Barston and Packington

There will be 3 sections at Barston and 2 sections on Mowlands, each team can nominate the anglers for each venue.

2nd round,  Saturday 11/1/14 Viaduct.

There has been a Silverfish league running on there recently and 40lb of skimmers has been winning the matches with lots of 20lbs, lets hope the weather is kind and the venue fishes to its potential.

Fishery contact no. 01458 274022,  sat nav TA11 6LJ

3rd round, Saturday 1st Feb Woodlands View.

We will try and keep the pegging the same as last year, using Ghost, Arles, both Deans and High Pool.

Team entry is £50 per team, payable on the first match, pools for each match is £20 plus an optional £5 super pool.

Draw Times for each match is 8.30am fishing 11am until 3pm.


Barbless hooks only
13m Pole limit
No feet or legs in the water
No pellets on the hook - feed only and part of ground bait limit
No carp to count. F1's do count
Bait Limit
12ltr of mixed ground bait, including leaks, soils, pellets and sweetcorn [except Woodlands View]
Woodlands View only limit - 2 bags of lean/soil. No ground bait. Pellets and corn are also within this limit.
2.5pts of bait. Of which only 1 x 1 pint Drennan bait tub, with lid on, maximum of joker/bloodworm.
One hook pack of bloodworm, for hookers only.
Each competitor MUST check neighbours bait.
10 minute pre-baiting period prior to start of match, after that only one handed balls can be thrown, potted or catapulted in.
All fish must be out of the water before the all-out is shouted
Any team dropping out or not fielding full sides will not be invited to fish the league next year.
If anyone is short, please let me know and I will do my best to find a replacement, likewise if anyone would like to fish a round, I will try and get them in a team.
List of teams fishing
Garbolino RAF
Sensas Cardiff Nomads
Starlets, 2 teams
Dorking, 2 teams
Bristol Angling Centre
Thatchers, 2 teams
Sensas Mark One
Bordon Angling Centre
Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths
Ladies Team, Sophie Davis.
Contact   -  Paul Dicks  0117 9508723 shop hours