Saturdays match never showed the full potential of the venue, the sun spoiled the fishing, this venue fishes a lot better on overcast days, but we have had a lot worst in January.

Individuals on the day

1st Des Shipp  33-10  peg 130, 13 tench on the waggler, single caster he loose fed 1 and a half pints.
2nd  Larry Salter  22-1 peg 37, skimmers on bunches of bloodworm
3rd  Gary O'Shea  19-1 peg 38
4th  Matt Parsons  14-2 peg 20
5th John Harvey  14-0 peg 2
6th Simon Keifer  13-4 peg 124

Teams on the day

1st PI Thatchers B  11pts
joint 2nd Bristol Angling centre and Starlets Blue  14pts
4th PI Thatchers A 15pts
5th Daiwa Dorking 15pts
6th  Bordon Drennan  16pts
7th  Garbolino RAF  17pts
8th  Starlets Green  18pts
9th  Bag'em Baits Ladies  19pts
10th Drennan Oxford  22pts
11th Sensas Cardiff Nomads 24pts
12th Sensas Mark One 25pts

League to Date

1st Starlets Blue 21.5pts
2nd Starlets Green 29pts
joint 3rd Bristol Angling Centre and Daiwa Dorking 30.5pts
5th Drennan Bordon 33pts
6th Garbolino RAF 37pts
7th Drennan Oxford 37pts
joint 8th PI Thatchers A and PI Thatchers B
10th Bag'em Baits Ladies 48pts
11th Sensas Mark One 49pts
12th Sensas Cardiff Nomads 50pts

Weigh Sheets

Heres a rare sight Sean Ashby parting with cash for some Sensas Tracix, it must have worked as he won his section.