Just got back from the 2014 sensas festival fished in the chateadunn region of france. One day fished on the river loir and one day fished on a complex of lakes nearby. I travelled over on the thursday for two days practise and a good look at all the venues.

I fished the river on the thursday, i had a really nice day i caught 20lb all of skimmers and one bream. Friday i went on the harder of the three lakes, i caught plenty of small catfish, my travelling partner Des ship caught a couple of big bream that day which told us that there was big fish to target as well.

Day one of the competition i drew the river, four pegs to the left of where i practised, so i had a good idea of how to fish. I had some very good anglers in my section including lee kerry, sean ashby and two french internationals so i knew i was going to be in for a tough day. It fished a lot harder in the match then in practise as expected, i ended catch a dozen small skimmers and a few dumpy roach on a long pole pole with bloodworm, i weighed 2kilo 260gram, which was good enough for third. The section was very close 6 anglers were separated by 400 grams. I was very happy with third because it gave me all to fish for the second day.
Day 2, i drew the second lake of the three half way along the road side bank, i did fancy my draw because a lot of the french anglers were saying it was a good area. 

I had a awesome days fishing, virtually a bite a chuck for 5 hours, all small skimmers with one bonus kilo bream. I weighed 7kilo 800 which won me the section. 

I ended up with four points, i heard rumours that there was 3 anglers all tied with 4 points i just didn't know who had the biggest weight, i ended up second with the winner Thierry Furdyna beating me by a convincing three kilos.

I had fantastic three days away, the match was very well organised and a excellent pay. Thanks to sensas for all the sponsorship and i will be back next year to have another go and  try to go one better and win it.