Today i'm going to talk you through my favourite rig, i've used it for a number of years now, i think it's caught me a lot of extra fish and that is the D Rig.

Right, so start from the bait, I attach the bait using a Micro Ring Swivel which is sliding on the back of the hook on a 'D' and you create that by tying a Whipping Knot, I usually go opposite the barb, then slide on the Ring Swivel onto your hooklink, pass it back through the eye of the hook and tie a knotless knot. Once that's done, tie a little loop in the end and slide on an Anti-Tangle Sleeve over that loop. And then I usually put the putty exactly halfway up the hooklink, just a little blob to keep it all pinned down on the bottom.

So in the time i've been using this rig, I've taken it to a number of venues, from local day ticket waters to Linear Fisheries in Oxford, Linch Hill, and its caught fish for me from all of those places. So I reckon it's a really good rig, so give it a go.