The all-new Nash Pinpoint Hook Doctor taken hook sharpening to the next level, this electric re-chargeable device enables you to sharpen hooks quicker and more efficiently than ever!

So how does it work?
The electric hook sharpener has a circular diamond stone which is turnt by an internal motor, the device has a lithium rechargeable battery which can be recharged by a usb - usc cable ( included with the product).

The product has a 2-way button located at the bottom, this allows you to choose which way you would like the stone to rotate.

As you can see the sharpener is a circular shape, which makes it very comfortable to hold in your hand. It also has a soft touch rubber feel finish, this allows you to grip the product very well, even with damp hands.

So let's talk about the circular diamond stone, the stone is a Carborundum 180 high-speed sharpening and polishing stone, after years of testing different stone and file's, Marc Voosen feels that this the best all-round grade of stone. However, there have already been rumors of different grades of stone and polishing materials coming out to compliment the sharpening device! (watch this space)
Whilst on this subject, it's probably worth mentioning that the Guard and stone are both removable. So if you did wear out the stone it would easy to replace.

The Nash Pinpoint Hook doctor comes complete in a very nice protective Eva case.

So to conclude, this product is another industry first from Nash Tackle. They have done a lot of work developing this product and whilst it is on the higher end in terms of price, it's very clear that it is going to save you lots of time and also make sharpening your hooks easier and more efficient.

Here's a video from the original owner of pinpoint Marc Voosen, he had played a massive role in the development of this product and has had years of experience when it comes to sharpening hooks.

Full Product details and pricing information is available HERE