The Urban Myth by Terry Dempsey

The Urban Myth is the book which the carp angling community thought they would never see. Documenting the angling life of one of the most secretive and successful carp anglers to ever grace our pastime. The journey starts in an era very different to today's carp scene. You will be taken back to a more innocent time when carp angling as we know it today was truly in its infancy. The stories and pictures that you will see within these pages, have never been seen in print before. Even though Terry has been at the forefront of big carp angling since the 80's, he has never written a single word about his obsession and for the past 25 years no pictures have surfaced. Until now that is.

Terry is joined on his journey by some of his closest friends. They, like Terry, bring you stories and photographs that you have never seen before. These are entwined with Terry's angling life stories from venues such as Darenth Tip Lake and the fishmeal boom to Longfield, with its fearsome reputation of being one of the hardest lakes in the land.

Hardback. 384 pages.

The Urban Myth by Terry Dempsey

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