October 2011

  1. Daves Dozen, Bristol Docks 20/10/11

    This was the first week the match was moved from Baltic Wharf to the basin by the General Hospital, baltic wharf is still fishing OK, but any time soon the fishing will get harder, this area of the docks is exposed to cold winter winds and the fish move off to more sheltered area of the docks.Dave Clutterbuck showed his...
  2. Daves Dozen Bristol Docks 29/9/11

    Thursdays night match was a very pleasant evening, extremely mild for the time of the year, but the warm still conditions aren't always the best for the fish to feed.Top rod was Pete Ellis again, who now is running away with the series, caught 15lb 7oz of bream and eels with maggot and groundbait from end peg 19. Dave Shore...

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