June 2013

  1. Penn Affinity Ltd 7000 Reel, NOW IN STOCK !

    REE delivery on the Penn Affinity Ltd 7000, Penn have made top quality reels for years and years, this is the first ever carp reel they have made, the quality is superb. This reel is designed for long range casting, and as a big pit carp reel, the Penn Affinity,s Ltd specification includes a long tapered spool, forged aluminium spool...
  2. Lee Ward with a New PB Common of 42lb 1oz!!

    BIG Well Done to Bristol Boy Lee Ward on Bagging his PB in way of this Stunning 42lb 1oz Farriers Common!! Well Done Lee well deserved!!
  3. Latest News from Linear Fisheries

  4. Jordan bags a Stunning 28lb 10oz mirror on a quick overnighter

    A quick over night session proved successful for Jordan who managed to bag 2 fish, the ever faithful Monster Squid Purple proved to be the downfall of both fish!! Well Done Jordan!
  5. Churn Pool Now Taking Booking's for 2014!

    Looking for an Exclusive Venue Stocked with some of the best looking fish in the country? Look no further.. Churn Pool is situated in the Cotswold's and has just started taking booking's for 2014! Be quick the booking's have already started filling up! https://www.facebook.com/churnpool?fref=ts
  6. Groundbait for Deep Water

    Anyone who follows the match results for the Bristol Docks on this blog will realise how important groundbait is when fishing in deep water. The docks system is 12ft deep at its shallowest and parts go down to 20ft. Loose feeding at any distance in that depth of water is very ineffective, if you allow for the wind spreading the...
  7. Maver Micro Bore Pole Bush

    The clever lads at maver has just released a new micro bore pole bush, it is a bush with a 3.8mm outside diameter, that is size 5 in the maver range, but instead of the usual 3.5mm inside diameter it has only a 2mm inside diameter.This allows you to put fine elastics in your power kits without the connector getting...
  8. Fox Flatliter Bed and Bag System, Coming Very Soon!

    Fox Flatliter Bed and Bag SystemThe Flatliter Bed & Bag System has no cam hand wheel, which helps to reduce both its weight and bulk... There are single leg supports at both the head and foot end for extra stability.. The Flatliter features a one-piece Lumbar support on the middle and head section for a much firmer mattress, this support...
  9. Nash Sales Rep Alan Price with a Lovely 33lb Common

    Here's Nash Rep Alan with another lovely Farriers Common! This one going 33lb and oz's, Alan found success in the ever faithful Monster Squid Boilies, Fang X Hooks and Missing Link Hooklink!! Good Angling Big Al!! http://www.bristolangling.com/nash-monster-squid-purple-pop-ups-and-dips.html http://www.bristolangling.com/nash-fang-x-hooks-post-free.html http://www.bristolangling.com/nash-missing-link-braid-hooklink-post-free.html
  10. Bristol Docks Evening Series 13/6/13

    Thursdays evening match saw high winds and waves make the fishing very difficult for the anglers, the water colour was good with a nice tinge of colour, but presentation was spoilt by the strong wind and undertow. Good conditions for sailing, and there were plenty of boats about.Making the best of the conditions was Jason Bird, who caught 5lb 9ozs...

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