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  1. Fishing at Llyn Y Gors - Robert Taylor

    Fishing at Llyn Y Gors - Robert Taylor
    During the last week of July, I headed down to Anglesey in North Wales for a 4 night session at Llyn Y Gors Carp Lake with my brother Luke (who got there 2 days prior). Arriving on the late afternoon, I had a walk around and it did not take long to find a number of fish grouped up in...
  2. Shaun Hodges enjoys a great days fishing on the River Kennet

    BAC team member/Korum sponsored angler Shaun Hodges enjoyed a great days fishing on the Kennet yesterday, he managed to catch lots of Perch including a 2lber, 3lb6oz, 3lb8oz and a whopping 4lb4oz PB. He also braced a couple of Jack Pike which was good fun on light tackle. Lob worms and Chopped Dendrobaena worms were the chosen method. Shaun also...
  3. Darren Winstone with Christchurch's finest perch common at 44lb 4oz

    One of Linch Hills Finest "The Perch Common" at 44lb 4oz. Well Done Darren!!
  4. Big Shout out to Martin Day on this Recent Cracker

    Big Well Done to Martin Day on this recent Cracker! Martin has been putting our New range of Pop Up's through there paces and has had some mega results!! Good Skills Mart!!    
  5. Big Shout out to Darren Coghlan on this recent stunner from Dutch

  6. Stoneacres Finest "Bitemark" at 49lb+ - Baz Lloyd

    The Picture says it all!
  7. Martin Days checks in with a Cracking Common from his syndicate

    Check out this Stunning Common from BAC activist "Martin Day". Well Done buddy!!
  8. Craig Andrews with "Poolies" at 36lb 12oz!!

    BIG shout out to Craig Andrews on the capture of "poolies" from Christchurch in Oxford! Well Done mate P.S Nice hood ;-)
  9. Big Shout out to BAC Regular Jack Reid with this Stunner!

  10. Craig Andrews Doin it!

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