In angling, there is multipule baiting strategies used commonly which have different affect on your fishing depending on the angling scenario. Here is a small run down.

Fishing over Large Quantities of Boillie.

Fishing over a large amount of boillie is a common baiting approach for a lot of anglers. Essentialy doing this will keep the carp coming back to your spot as they know bait is there and they will get confident after having a small feed due to the amount of bait there. With this fish are less likely to be shy of rigs if they're confident whilst feeding on your spot.

This method is great if your fishing in your swim for a long period of time (2/3 nights or more) as with the amount of bait on the spot you are less likely to acheive a quick bite. This method tends to start slow but slowly pick up and hooking more fish as your session continues.

Fishing over Large Quantities of Particle / Maggot

This method really get the fish on the feed and you can achieve big hits of fish with this method. The particle gives the carp something to grub around in and with it being based on smaller food particles, its super easy for the carp to feed on. They will happilly keep feeding on particle until it is completly gone as it is a lot less filling than a boillie and doesn't contain the same amount of protein levels.

Fishing over a handful

This is perfect for securing a quick bite. There are some situations where this is the best baiting option like if your setting a trap close in on the margin then this works best. A hookbait and one handful of baits will garenteed result in a quick bite when fishing in an edge spot, just be sure to keep your baiting super tight! A bushwhacker is perfect for this!