Barrows are a game changer to carp fishing. Being able to transport all your gear in one trip with less strain on your back is a game changer. You can transport your gear longer distance easier with a barrow. Lets also not forget the amount of other uses they have for things outside of fishing. They're brilliant for festivals for an example or even when doing garden work and transporting heavy items.

Anyways, here is what I've found to be most efficent way to load a barrow with no side bars.

If your barrow has a bag which sits underneath the body of the barrow. Make use of this. Store a water container, bait bucket, distance sticks or anything you can fit which will take up the most space!

Place your bedchair directly on the body of the barrow, but fold out the 2 legs of the bed chair so that it creates a side bar along side the barrow. This will make everything more stable and the legs also will give you something to hang bits off. For example hanging a bait bucket of the leg of your bedchair or a bin bag at the end of your session.

Even Weight

Get the weight of the barrow nice and even on each side! To do this I place my brolly on one side of the barrow, and rods and retention sling on the otherside of the barrow. This ensures that you have even weight on the barrow itself. With the bedchair legs folded out, this will support these items and stop them from falling off the side of the barrow.

Place your coolbag, carryall, unhooking mat, waders in the middle inbetween the brolly and the rods. These items have a larger surface area so in theroy this should keep your barrow balanced nicely. You can put your rucksack on the middle as well as this is ussualy a heavy item. However I like to wear mine to make it easier.

If you've got 2 bait buckets, hang them on each side of the bedchair leg. If you've got one, hang it off the side with the rods and retention sling.

How to secure your items on the barrow.

If you've got a lot of kit you may struggle keeping it all on the barrow. The best way to keep your gear secure is with a bungee cord! Stretch the bungee cord over your kit from side to side of the barrow and this should keep it in place. If you're like me and take as minimal gear as possible, you won't need to do this!