Brollies And Bivvies - What are the Differences? In carp fishing, there are two types of commonly used shelter being a bivvy or a brolly. Both of these have their similarities and their differences. This blog will tell you how they can affect your fishing.


Bivvies are usually a lot more robust and offer more protection than brollies. They feature a fully zipped door and offer a lot more space than a brolly. With this in mind, if you need as much room as possible to house more tackle and equipment then a bivvy would suit you. Bivvies are mostly more practical if you're doing a longer session or if your fishing in the coldest of temperatures. The benefit of having a door is that you can keep yourself and your gear completely dry!

Bivvies however can take longer to erect and pack down. They can be fairly heavy and bulky when transporting so if you're the angler who moves around the lake a lot they may not be that practical for you.


Brollies are a lot more stripped back than bivvies, they are lighter but don't offer as much protection. Some brollies however do have additional front doors, mozzie meshes and even full overwraps now. The big advantage about a brolly is how quick they are to erect and how light they are. It makes it a lot easier to move around the lake to fish, which could catch you more fish if you can move on to fish quickly. As well as this the lack of a door means you can keep your eyes on the water at all times meaning when you wake up you're instantly watching the water.

When you have a bite in the night, you don't have to worry about unzipping a door or whatever. You just put some footwear on and pick that rod up!


So essentially, if you're the angler who likes to move around the lake alot, likes packing light then a brolly is definitely going to aid that in your angling. However if you're the angler who's happy spending the whole session in one swim, a bivvy will give you the maximum comfort.


Blog Written By Rob Taylor