In carp fishing there are so many bits of tackle and gear which are essential to take. Here is a checklist for your carp tackle, hopefully this will help you remember everything for your time on the bank!

- click here to veiw the checklist and print it! - If you print from this link the checklist is easier to read!

How Can I Prevent Leaving Tackle At Home.

When loading your vehicle to go fishing, place everything in one room or in your front garden. This way you can see what you are taking and you'll be more likely to notice a missing spod rod or a lack of bait buckets.

Don't rush loading your car - for this reason I load my car the night before I go as I know I'll then have time to quickly check my shed to ensure there isn't any gear still in there which is needed.

Keeping your rucksack organised and leaving it packed will make it harder to forget end tackle. I leave my pouches in my rucksack when I get back as I know they'll be there when I next go. If I'm tying rigs, in-between sessions, then I'll ensure that the pouches go back in the rucksack the second I've finished!

Keep your tackle stored in the same place, if you can't do that then try and store everything close together. Not only will this make it easier to load your vehicle but it will also make it harder for you to forget items.

Keep items in bait-buckets. I tend to keep my spombs, catapults, and hookbaits all in one bait bucket as it's easier to notice that you are missing a bait bucket in comparison to missing a spomb!

Keep a couple of leads and a mini spomb in the car. If you forget to top up your leads then you will have a couple of leads spare. If you forget your spod rod and need to get bait out then you can use a mini spomb on a fishing rod - however if you have used this it would be a good idea to check your line to make sure it has not twisted up!

Click Here To Veiw and Print The Checklist VIA Google Drive - If you print from this link the checklist is easier to read!