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  1. Nash Top Rod Snowman Pots Now In Stock!

    100grm tubs plus 20ml Dip The Ultimate hookbait solution. Includes 15mm bottom baits - 10mm asorted Fluro Pop ups - 20ml of Dip ‘Snow Pots’ are the answer to every boilie angler’s dreams, and for that matter they make perfect bait presentations for every aspect of modern day carp angling, so exactly what are ‘Snow Pots’? The product is a...
  2. Nash H Gun Multi Mat Now In Stock !

    Nash H Gun Multi Mat The Multimat does three jobs in one! Not only is it a superb ‘safety’ mat, thanks to its raised sides and heavy padding, but the carry handles also mean that it can be used as a weigh sling without having to transfer the fish, reducing handling considerably When moving between swims the Multimat also makes...
  3. Nash Cybershot Throwing Sticks

    The Long awaited Nash Cybershot has finally arrived in stock!! The Nash Cybershot Features: · High strength modular plastic / carbon construction · Unique carbon rail design reduces wind resistance for distance · Enhanced accuracy · Minimal fatigue and arm strain FOR MORE INFO CLICK HERE !
  4. Nash Zig Float's A Sneak Peak of Whats to Come this Summer!

    An Adjustable Zig Float, perfect for moving through the layours.
  5. Nash Bait Buckets New Design

    This New Design really does set these buckets off a treat :-) Available in different sizes Click Here for more info :-)
  6. Nash Bug Box, A Sneak Peak

    A Little Sneak Peak of Whats to Come from Nash this Summer :-)
  7. Gardner Munga Spoons Now In Stock

      The Long awaited Gardner Munga Spoons are now available and In Stock! These Munga Spoons are perfect for stirring up mixed baits for spodding, without getting your hands covered in pungent stinking fermented particle juices, fish oils or other dips that leave you stinking like you have just been expelled from the bowels of Hades! Robust moulded design. Supplied...
  8. Gardner Point Doctor Now in Stock

    The Gardner Point Doctor has an unique abrasion restive rubber that gently removes the material off the hook, improving and enhancing the point. For more info CLICK HERE
  9. Aqua Atom Bivvy

    The World most Compact Bivvy !! The Aqua Atom Features: 1-man capacity Mozzi door 2-rib system 5-break pole system Auger point pegs 1080(h), 1550(d), 2350(w) mm
  10. Nash Deliverance Cybershot landing anyday

    The long wait is almost over... With Nash announcing they will be landing anyday :-)

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