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Whats new to the carp fishing world

  1. The Urban Myth by Terry Dempsey - The Best Book ever Written?

    The Urban Myth by Terry Dempsey The Urban Myth is the book which the carp angling community thought they would never see. Documenting the angling life of one of the most secretive and successful carp anglers to ever grace our pastime. The journey starts in an era very different to today's carp scene. You will be taken back to a...
  2. Monkey Climber Merchandise has arrived!

  3. Full Range of Monkey Climber Clothing, Coming Next Week!

    Full Range of Monkey Climber Clothing Coming Next Week :-) CLICK HERE for details!
  4. New Fox Bite Alarm Presentation Sets, Micron MR+ and MXR+

    Two New Ranges of Presentation Sets form Fox, offering great value for money! The Fox Micron Mr+ Starting at only £149.99 lifts the bar for budget wireless sets. Both sets available here:   Fox Micron Mr+ Bite Alarm Presentation Set Fox Micron MXr+ Bite Alarm Presentation Set    
  5. Fortis Matt Black Aviator Sunglasses NOW IN STOCK !

    Fortis Matt Black Aviator Sunglasses Matte Black Edition The Aviator shape has been a style icon for over 70 years. The Fortis Aviator Matte Black sunglasses are finished in a understated matte black colour. The Aviator Black’s incorporate graduated brown polarised lenses and offer great coverage due to the larger than average lens, which aids the elimination of side light...
  6. The Ultimate Distance Spod! Terry Edmonds Alien Distance Spod!

    erry Edmonds Alien Distance Spod   "This spod is by far the best flying spod out there!" Terry Edmonds. ADVANTAGES OF ALIEN ROCKETS AS A FEEDER: EXTREME DISTANCE: Alien body is conical from the head to the wings so that the focus is shifted to the front of the rocket. This ensures a better aerodynamics and a better flight and...
  7. Korda Underwater Part 8 Coming Soon to BAC!

    Now Taking Pre-Orders HERE, be quick ! Due for Release early August!
  8. Nash Top Rod Chain Reaction Only £2.50!

    Nash Top Rod Chain Reaction rrp £6.49 OUR PRICE £2.50! Stick mixes just do not act the same as the Chain Reactions. Yes they are anti-tangle but this is where the similarities end. The hook has to go into the stick mix which could mask the point, whereas the hook is easily tucked around the last Chain Reaction, without the...
  9. Nash Top Rod Soluballs 18mm 750grm Only £1.75

    rrp £3.99 Our Price £1.75 Soluballs are unique ! They rapidly dissolve within minutes in your swim to produce a carpet of food particles, providing an appetising break down of food signals that will attract carp from long distances, triggering them to feed without filling them up Soluballs are packed with marine proteins, vitamins, minerals, betaine and are individually flavoured...
  10. Nash Top Rod Soluballs 3kg Buckets Only £5.99!!

    Soluball 3kg Buckets rrp £15.99 OUR PRICE £5.99!!! Last season Nash launched the soluballs and they went down a storm, the nash field testers had some extraordinary results using them. Soluballs break down quickly releasing smell and flavour into the water, boilies take a lot longer to do this, the quick breakdown attracts carp so much quicker, essential if you...
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