Saturday was a great day, one of those days which make all the c**p days worth it. I drew K section, I had never seen this part of the canal before, on the morning of the match a big boat had gone through the match length and put some colour in the water, this really improved the fishing and suited the team plan, which was to keep topping up when the fishing went quiet.
Most teams seem to stop feeding when the initial run of fish was over, but we had found that by keep topping up we would draw more fish into the peg and the last hour I was be the only one left catching.
The team worked brilliant on the day, I caught 3kg 40g for 4th in my 59 peg section, nearly everyone in the team had similar results which gave us a comfortable victory on a venue most of us had never seen 2 weeks before the match.
A big Congratulations to Steve Gardener, with his individual victory, he just keeps getting better as he gets older. I cant remember the last national won with a net of roach, well done mate.
Now its on to Newark Dyke to try and qualify for the world club champs, happy days.