Not many people fish rivers any more, next years Division 1 National is on our local river Avon, and my dad is always telling me about the good old days, hes in his fifties and still loves telling stories of 30lbs of roach on a stick float and 50lbs of chub on a waggler, sounds good fun but the rivers have changed from those days and they are not the same any more.

I recently came across a brilliant article on the Total Fishing website called 'The Changing Face of River Fishing' written by the very knowledgable Charles Crundwell from the Enviroment Agency, who lives not far from the shop. If you want to catch more fish on rivers or just want to understand 'what went wrong' then take the time to check it out.

This picture is of the Newbridge stretch of the Bristol Avon which will be used in next years Division 1 national, this will be one of the best sections to draw in the national, at that time of year there will be lots of double figure weights of roach and if there is colour in it there will be big weights of bream to be caught.