I've experienced it, most of us may have experienced it. Losing motivation to go fishing happens every now and again which makes it even harder to get out. Here are some tips to get you motivated with your fishing!

Find a Venue where You can Fish a Method You Enjoy

Think about which method gives you the most enjoyment. If it's big hit fishing, then go to a venue which allows you to do that effectively. If it's stalking, then go to a venue which allows you to do that effectively! If you're catching fish on a preferred tactic then you're going to enjoy your fishing a lot more and it will get you motivated to keep fishing in the future! Think of the surroundings of the venue as well - if you enjoy somewhere which feels similar to a wild venue rather than somewhere "man-made" then take this into consideration!

Pick your Weather Conditions

When you get to know the waters you fish you will learn when the best conditions are to fish them. Nobody likes fishing in a howling wind with pouring rain, but these can be some of the best conditions to catch your target fish. These low-pressure conditions can make the carp feed after weeks of high pressure weather conditions and nothing being caught. I used to fish a small lake in a heavily wooded valley that was protected from the wind but had a stream feeding it. When it was pouring down and blowing a gale the coloured water running into the lake combined with higher oxygen levels caused by the wind would send the carp on a feeding spree and they were a lot easier to catch. These weather conditions also put off a lot of anglers and you just might find that you have a whole lake of feeding fish to yourself, Happy Days!

Keeping in Touch

Keeping in touch with what is being caught on your lakes is important. Nothing gives you the urge to get the rods out more than hearing that the fish are on the feed and 'having it'. Regular quick walks around your venue, without your gear, can give you lots of information about what is being caught and from where.


Watching films from the likes of YouTube, Cypography and other outlets can be a great way to get motivated. Watching some of the best anglers in the country will always motivate you to not only improve your angling but also to get out fishing. One film I found really motivating was the "Reflections Remastered | Episode One - All or Nothing | Scott Lloyd | A Carp Fishing Documentary". This film documents Scott's time on Large and his pursuit for one fish called "The Croc".

Change It Up

Get out and fish a new venue or a different species altogether. I've always found going somewhere new when I'm lacking motivation increases my motivation when I find a new venue. Another really good change up is getting out on the river and fishing for Barbel and Chub. River fishing is so much more peaceful compared to busy day-ticket carp fishing and it always makes a pleasant day!

Do Some Preparation!

Preparation never fails to get me excited about fishing. From bait prep to rig tying and respooling - anything remotely to do with fishing increases my drive. When I'm prepping my bait I'll be thinking about different feeding situations and how to go about effectively bait during these different situations. When I'm tying rigs I'm constantly thinking about what lake bottom I'll be fishing on, what different scenarios am I likely to encounter and what changes may I need to make to my rigs. I'm planning for every situation possible and for effective planning you have to think about fishing. You never know - even just thinking about fishing may increase your motivation.

Have A Social

Getting out with your mates on a lake can be a great way to increase your motivation. Everything about a social is always fun - from simply the company of your mates, BBQ's in the evening, sharing the moment of catching a fish and just having a nice time!