This weeks top tip from me is going to be how to splice a Lead-Free leader. The components you need for splicing are a Leadcore/Lead-Free leader of your choice, the one I'm using today is Submerge from Fox, you also need a nice sharp pair of scissors and a Splicing Needle.

You can cut the leader to whatever length you want, I generally have mine about 1.5ft which just works for me.

So you start roughly 2.5" up with the needle and push the needle in, come back on yourself just tease the needle to about 1" up and stick the needle out. Then put the very end of the leader underneath the needle and flick the latch over, buffer it up against it and all you've got to do is brush it softly, the harder you do it the harder it is to push through. Just brush it with your fingers till you get to the end. Then just pull the excess really loosely, the excess comes through and there you have it.

I use these leaders for all my fishing, they're just perfect, just a tiny bit for protection and keeps that last bit pinned down and it works everywhere for me.