Liam Hodges

  1. How To Splice Leadcore / Lead-Free Leader Materials By Liam Hodges

    This weeks top tip from me is going to be how to splice a Lead-Free leader. The components you need for splicing are a Leadcore/Lead-Free leader of your choice, the one I'm using today is Submerge from Fox, you also need a nice sharp pair of scissors and a Splicing Needle. You can cut the leader to whatever length you...
  2. Tying A Solid PVA Bag By Liam Hodges

    This is my top tip for all year round fishing, it's solid PVA Bag fishing, it's perfect for chucking at showing fish and for your general day ticket waters. To make the solid PVA bag I use the Fox Rapide Loading System and what I put in the bag is a mixed pellet, this is the Mighty Mix Pellet; a...

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