Majority of carp lakes nowadays are rich with natural food for the carp which is very important for the diet. Majority of natural foods are packed with proteins and vital nutrients which the carp needs. Here is some common natural food which carp love.


Daphina in particular is a massive part of their diet. Daphnia populations are in a constant state of flux which is why carp fishing catch reports can rise and fall so dramatically from one week. It's quite easy to tell when carp are feeding on Daphina as there will be lots of activity near the suface as well as crashing regularly.

Roach Fry

Carp absoultely love roach fry. They are filled with protein and an easy meal for a carp. I've seen a carp caught before where it has quite litteraly vommited out excess fry on the mat!

Dragon Fly Larvae

Once again carp love Dragon Fly Larvae. They are the perfect ball of protein for the carp!


Being so many crayfish in a majority of lakes, it is no wonder why carp love these! They are packed with protein from their muscles and also can contain thousands of crayfish eggs. When they shredd their shell they are super easy for a carp to pick up and eat as they will have this gell coating. Carp with hard mouths are often crayfish munchers!

Nuts and Berries

Carp will often patrol a margin with over hanging trees or hedges. This is for when berries drop off the tree into the water the carp will feed on these. If you spot an overhanging tree with berries, it could definetly be woth putting a rig in this zone.


As well as many other instects and vegatation found in weed, carp gorge themselves in bloodworm. Like most other natural foods, bloodworm is very high in protein and the carp absoloutely love them!

Written By Rob Taylor