Preparation is very important, as we know, prep work has to take place before angling. It can be alot to undertake sometimes and things are often forgotten. Here are 5 things you should do the day / evening before you go fishing.

Charge your Chargables!

Make sure your power bank and any other chargeable items are full of charge. Not having a phone for a couple of days is not ideal as if your car breaks down, if you have an injury or if there's an emergency back at home then you're not going to be able to get in contact. As much as these things are a rare occurrence, it's better to be fully prepared in case something does happen where you need to contact someone.

When I get back from fishing, I sort my bag out and put everything on charge. This means I'm always prepped for the next session and knowing that my head torch or power bank isn't going to die throughout the session.

 Make sure You've got Your Essential end Tackle!

Can you imagine turning up to the lake and realising you have no leads? Make sure you've got leads, rigs and all other essential tackle items. Most angling shops nowadays are open on Sundays, so most of the time you will still be able to make a quick stop at the shop to pick up essentials, be it leads or rig components or even bait!

Rig Preparation

This is something I usually do throughout the week. Check your rig wallet and see how much spare rigs you've got tied. I usually have at least three spare rigs as I can tie them up on the bank once I go through the spare rigs. At least make sure you've got the components to tie up rigs on the bank if you've not got any tied. It doesn't take that long to tie rigs up on the bank as usually you re-steam your rigs at the lake anyways.

Bait Preparation

I tend to get my bait ready the night before. This includes adding particles / crumbing up boilie and adding any additives. This can save a lot of time on the bank and it also gives your bait time to soak up any liquids you add into your mix. Take some spare bait with you in case you run out, that way you can also get more bait together on the bank.

Food Preparation

Get all your food organised and prepped. If you want to, cook your meals before you go fishing as then all you have to do is re-heat in a frying pan. If you're doing your food shop on the way then write down a list of food you want. This will save time when you go to shop as you will know what you want rather than walking around the shop for ages to decide what you want.

Having a cool bag makes food organisation easy! Instead of using just a plastic carrier bag, it makes it easier to transport, easier to organize and most importantly keeps your food cool!

Check your Batteries and Bring Spares!

Remember to bring spare batteries for your alarms, receiver, camera and anything else which runs on replaceable batteries! Nothing is worse than catching a target fish and finding out your camera has died. Check the charge so you can charge the batteries the night before and bring spares also!

When it comes to bite alarms, remember to bring spare batteries and a small screwdriver set to get to the battery. Again, there is nothing more frustrating than having a bite and being completely oblivious to it from the fact that your alarms are dead! Most bite alarms give a low-battery warning so it is best to change the batteries as soon as you hear this warning.


Blog Written By Rob Taylor