RIP "The Giant" from Gigantica, last caught at 92lb!
Found dead on the 28th of December 2012!
There were no obvious marks in its mouth or on its body to suggest it had been tethered. 

Current stock left in Gigantica:
2 x 80's - Fudgies and Single Scale
6 x 70's - Chunky, The German, The Target, The Galaxy, Drop Tail, The Twin11 x 60's - Spences, Mr Angry, Discus, Split Peck, Brutus, Cut Tail Common, Roberts Fish, The Freak, Singles Mate, The Immaculate24 x 50's - Black Eye, Shparky, Bearded Lady, Bottom Lobe, Pips, Rigadon, Two Time, Rapunsel, Ziggy Stardust, Spring Scaly, Northern Scaly, The Clown, Nude Patch Common, The Survivor, The 43, The Giggler, Alcatraz, The Weld, Fred, The Head, Danish Bacon, Pimple Tail.