This sort of fishing is super fun. Figuring out which margins the fish regulary patrol and carefully setting a trap inclose can give you a buzz like no other. Especially when you have a visual on the carp and watching them getting closer and closer to your area. Here is some key things to remember when doing this fishing.

Keep Quiet

Sit far back from the water's edge. With the fish being in the margin they are much more easy to spook. Keep an eye on the spot but from a distance. If you can spot fish on your spot then leave them and just keep an eye on your rod.

Don't talk loudly and keep your footseps light. This will give you the best chance of catching


Don't put loads of bait out. Your setting a trap rather than fishing for a big hit of fish. A handful of bait is the perfect amount to get a bite!

Baiting Pole.

If you have access to one, then use it! You can get to areas which can't be reached by casting, you can land your rig super accuratly and not to mention the lack of disturbance compared to casting.


Keep your rigs short. Most margin spots will be fairly clean so you can get away with a shorter hooklink. This is ideal for this sort of fishing when only having a handful of bait on the spot. I like to use a heavy inline lead for margin fishing as this lead arrangement gives the fish the quickest contact with the lead which will result in a good hook hold.

Keep It Simple

When fishing close into the margin, it's better to keep things nice and simple. Fishing one rod on a spot is the way forward when margin fishing otherwise there is simply too much lines in the water to where you're fishing.