BAC team member/Korum sponsored angler Shaun Hodges enjoyed a great days fishing on the Kennet yesterday, he managed to catch lots of Perch including a 2lber, 3lb6oz, 3lb8oz and a whopping 4lb4oz PB. He also braced a couple of Jack Pike which was good fun on light tackle.


Lob worms and Chopped Dendrobaena worms were the chosen method. Shaun also commented saying " I love the Kennet, its one of my favourite venues, i always make time to fish this stretch this time of year because its known for throwing up some big perch"

Thanks Shaun and Well done of your New PB, we look forward to hearing more of your fishy adventures soon.

For more details on how Shaun caught these fish and advice feel free to call the shop on 0117 9500 201 - 0017 9508723.

Shaun is in the shop every Friday and Saturday and will happily help.

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