There is a variety of Spombs and Spods available on the shelves of a modern angling store. With so much of them having different advantages to another, here is a little run through of our popular spods and spombs and what they do differently.

Spomb Spod Bomb Baiting System

The original Spomb and the first to break the market. Everyone knows how awesome these things are for filling your spot quickly. The large Spombs especially have a massive capacity. This makes them super ideal for getting big quantities of bait out quickly. Spombs are simple to use, simply load your bait in the Spomb, close it and cast it out. Just be sure to not get any bait in the mechanism as this will stop your Spomb from shutting.
Top Tip: If your Spomb isn’t opening properly, apply the smallest bit of WD-40 to the mechanism and leave it for an hour or so. This should ease the mechanism and get it working smoothly again!
The micro Spomb is perfect for floater fishing. Paired with a 2.75lb tc rod, it makes a nice lightweight spod set up for intimate venues.

Spomb Midi Spomb X

The latest model made by Spomb is the Midi Spomb X. The shape of this spomb has enhanced the distance, as the design puts all the weight to the front of the spomb, allowing it to truly fly. Featuring high-intensity foam in the fuselage this makes your spomb float, meaning in the insance of a crack-off, you'll have a higher chance of being able to retrieve your spomb.

Nash Dot Spod

These don’t really need an introduction to be honest. The Nash Dot Spods are super accurate and it flies like a dart. If you are fishing a spot the size of the bin lid then these are perfect. The last thing you want to do on a small spot is start Spombing all over the place. The Dot Spods will cast consitently every time, making accuracy a breeze in the park!

The mechanism on this spod never fails to open. Even if it lands on it’s side, the Dot Spod will always open! Loading the Dot Spod is super easy to which makes it easy to get into a rhythm and achieve the most accurate of spodding possible. Simply open the spod and load it with bait, close and your good to go!

The Micro Dot Spod is perfect for floaters and riser pellets. Perfect for fishing small and lakes as the disturbance is minimum as well!

Wolf Spider Spombs

The Wolf Spider Spomb is the one for quick loading and ease of use. You can open two sections to load by scooping up the bait and then closing the two halves, or you can open one section and load the entire container! For speed this spod is the one, being able to load the spod as quickly as possible due to the multipule ways of loading it means you can get more bait out in less amount of time.

Fox Impact Spod

The Impact Spod has a number of unique features that sets it apart from any other bait delivery device currently on the market. Features such as a unique ‘scoop’ body shape, allow for rapid, single handed loading. This unique body and lid design not only enables you to fill the device very quickly, it also allows for highly efficient loading, resulting in a ‘one scoop’ operation that fills the entire inner compartment! This ‘complete fill’ enables you to put your bait out as quickly as possible, and additionally allows for an even weight distribution, which in turn makes it very stable in flight. This spod is perfect for getting your bait out quickly and allows for efficent baiting.

Korum Bopper Bait Droppers

These Bait Droppers are perfect for maggott fishing. Unlike a spomb the bait dropper wont release its bed until in hits the lake bed. This is a came changer when fishing with hemp or maggots. When maggot fishing with a normal spomb the maggots spread out a bit whilst they are falling through the water. With the bait dropper, the maggots will be nice and tight together when they are released on the lakebed, giving you a much tighter spread of bait.

The Bopper Bait Dropper has tiny holes in the body which makes it easy to pull through moving water. However these are not suited for spombing any liquid based baits.

Written By Rob Taylor