1. How To Shot A Pole Rig Correctly With Callum Dicks

    My shotting pattern in the last month has actually changed totally to what I used to do. I know these floats that I'm using today take eight no. 12 shot, and what I used to do is just string them out over a four inch gap in a very basic 'shirt button style', but I've actually changed totally what I'm doing now...
  2. Shotting Pole Rigs Correctly by Callum Dicks

    My top tip for this week is shotting rigs correctly. When approaching most modern day commericals, one of the biggest questions I have to ask myself is which bait is going to be best; maggots or pellets. But it's not quite as simple as that, you have to shot your rig correctly depending on what bait is going to be...

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