The Carp Society will be hosting an open on Saturday the 2nd of July and we're proud to say we will have a trade stand!

Key Objectives from The Carp Society

For those who don't know, The Carp Society was founded back in May 1981 up north in Sheffeild. The Carp Society promotes the sort of angling and provides facilites for for teaching, taking part, promoting an interest in and devloping the sport. The Carp Society encourages carp anglers to treat fish with respect and to engage in a moderate and responsible approach with their fishing. As well as this, The Carp Society promote the neccessity for the conservation and protection of all wildlife within that enviroment. The Carp Society provides waters to ensure protected fishing for members, they set aside funds to obtain, maintain and control these waters.


The Carp Society Open Day

The open day will be held at Horshoe Lake located in Lechlade in the Cotswolds. There will be a vairety of trade stands including: Nash, Cotswold Rods, CR Baits, DNA Baits, Haulerz, DT Baits, Jungle Warfare, Little Egret Press, Pallatrax, PB Products, Perchfishers, Skerkro, Sticky Baits and Vardis Tackle, Dobbins Bobbins and Century Rods holding a casting tuition with John Carver. There will be a range of raffles and a range of auctions including bait deals from DNA Baits, DT Baits and Ntyce Bait, a set of three hand custom built Cotswold Rods, dates for fishing Redmire Pool and Ashmead Lake, a Korda Compac 3 rod 12ft rod holdall and a range of book and illistrations signed by the author.

This event is happening in the celebration of 30 years of Horseshoe Lake and the recent purchase of Ashmead lake. Like every previous open day, this one is going to speical and is simply too good to miss! Carp Society members will recieve free entry, whilst non-members will have to pay a small entry fee.

The day starts from 9:15am with the first presentation starting at 10:30am. The event is open unil late givng you the whole day to walk around, enjoy the stands and the demos, have a good natter to other anglers and also the chance to visit the stunning Horeshoe Lake.

Ashmead Lake

Ashmead Lake is truly a stunning  17-acre bit of water. Located in Somerset, the wetland is home to some collosal carp, with mirror carp over 50lb and common carp over 40lb, there are definely some fish which would be a catch of a life time for any angler. Ashmead offers fishing like no other venue, with only 8 anglers allowed on at a time and being so rich with wildlife, you can just imagine how different it is compared to the more commercial fisheries. Ashmead was stocked with fingerling carp from a Surrey trout farm in 1971 and has never been stocked since, as you can tell Ashmeads stock has developed to be one of the finest stock in the UK.


As you can tell, the sceanary is simply breathtaking, the wetland is an area natural beauty! Being a wild wetland, this lake is full with wildlife including dragon flies, small birds, slow worms and many more, it is simply so peaceful and so unique. Ashmead has facilitites to make sure every angler can be comfortable during their stay, these facilites include a toilet, a shower and a hut with a small cooker and a fridge.

Horseshoe Lake

Horshoe Lake is a stunning 62 acre lake with a stock of 800 - 1000 stunning carp. Last year in october the lake did it's record fish, known as Casper caught at 41lb and 10oz. The average weight is 21lb with a maximum of two rods only. Horseshoe has a truly magnificent stock, dark mirrors with all the different scale patterns and some lovely dark commons, all of these are stunning. As well as carp, Horseshoe is known for being home to some true specimen tench, tench to over 11lb have been caught previously. If you're paying this lake a visit, it is definetly worth bringing floater and zig gear, in the summer they love the upper layers in Horsehsoe.

Horsehsoe has a toilet facility and a shower facility, allowing you to stay comfortable whilst you're fishing. There is also a tackle shop which is handy if you run out of any tackle of bait, as we know there's nothing worse than not being prepeared and running out of tackle or bait! To fish this lake, you have to be a member of the carp society.