erry Edmonds Alien Distance Spod


"This spod is by far the best flying spod out there!" Terry Edmonds.


EXTREME DISTANCE: Alien body is conical from the head to the wings so that the focus is shifted to the front of the rocket. This ensures a better aerodynamics and a better flight and a bait dropout is minimized. Farthest measured cast is 190 meters.

EXCELLENT WIND RESISTANCE: Wind almost doesn't have any impact on the Aliens flight because of it excellent aerodynamics and slightly heavier head than similar products, which ensures excellent stability and flying through the air. Without wind or in strong wind Alien accuracy and distance is remarkable.RETURN WITHOUT RESISTANCE: Fast and slow return on the surface of the water without resistance thanks to a return-system that is released when in contact with water.

CURRENT BAIT DROP-OUT: When Alien falls into the water the head comes to the surface and the baits drop out instantly.

ALL TYPES OF BAITS: You can use all types of baits including: Boilies, pellets, corn, hemp, maggots, worms, particle, etc.. . . All baits are easy to recharge without the need for mixing.

ALIEN BODY: The first thing we notice is a difference compared to other similar products and that is that the body of Alien is transparent so you can see how much baits you can charge without the need to check the top of the rocket.

ANTI-SHOCK HEAD A mixture of rubber and plastic in the proportions that give an exceptional strength and good navigability. Striking the shallow shoals, islands, land, trees will pass with minimal consequences.

FINS ON THE HEAD OF AN ALIEN: Four smaller wings on the head which ensures a better Alien initial buoyancy by throwing and the ultimate precision and control of the direction on the water surface when extracting.

INOX WIRE: In an integral part of the return system and it serves to be able to button the ball just before the throw. The main feature is that the wire is in the center of the wing, which makes it set exactly in the middle of Alien and not to move.

ROPE, BALLS, SWIVEL: An integral part of the return-system, the products are of world well known manufactures and are carefully selected. Declared rope capacity is 195kg, with a focus on high wear resistance. Each rope is handmade and it passes a strict control during assembly. Declared capacity of a virble is 50kg the same as capacity of the ball.

Terry Edmonds Alien Distance Spod