During the colder months, Carp act a lot differently to how they usually do, they turn docile and a lot less active. As a result when they do feed it will be different to usual, meaning your usual rigs may not land as many fish. Here you can figure out what to change in order to land more fish

Shorten Your Rigs.

Short rigs means quicker contact to the lead. This is perfect for winter fishing as the carp are feeding a lot less aggressively. As a result you want the fish to come into contact with the lead as quickly as possible and there is no better way to do this than shorter rigs!

Up Your Lead Size

As the carp won't be feeding as aggressively you want a heavier lead. In the warmer months when the carp are feeding hard, they come into contact with the lead so quickly that the lead will give you a better bolt effect. Because they're feeding more subtly in the winter you want a bigger lead to increase the chance of having a good hook hold. I usually use 3.5oz / 4oz leads in the winter.

Change To Sharpened Hooks!

With carp feeding subtly, you want a hook which is going to hit home easily. Sharpened hooks will definitely aid in this as the point will be thinner meaning it can hook with less resistance.

Change Your Bait Approach

I always change my bait approach over winter to something more subtle. Boilies just feel too big. I always imagine a carp only eating two or three before moving off the spot. Pellets and boilie crumb are a lot more suited for winter. Alternatively maggots are a really good winter bait. I always like to use boilie crumb mixed with maggot then fish a maggot hookbait over the top.


Blog Written By Robert Taylor