Tom Bankes, the owner of the historic Savay Lake, has written his first published book "Sticklebacks to Throwing Sticks". Up until now Tom has always carried out his angling 'under the radar' so this will be a must read with tales from Savay and many of the other venues Tom has fished over the years. This book includes all varieties and methods of fishing, starting with fishing for trout. Being the first of three, this book is now availabe to purchase. This book features 352 pages of inspiring tales as well as 324 colour images and 28 pencil illistrations drawn by bankes himself. The books are also hand signed by Bankes himself!

This book is bound to be inspiring. Tom Bankes has a long history with angling, and is certanily one of the best out there.

You can purchase a book HERE if you desire.

Savay Lake

As this book features the stunning Savay Lake, it is definetly worth a feature in this blog. Savay is described by Danny Fairbrass as ‘a gem in carp angling history’. Fished by all the greats in carp angling, it has been a crucial water in the development of modern carp fishing. Back in the 1990's, the lake produced what was the biggest British brace of fish ever recorded to the legendary angler Albert Romp. This brace consisting of a 39lb 2oz mirror and a 45lb 40z mirror which was a lake record. Anglers as such as Rod Hutchinson, Andy Little and Lenny Middleton started a campaign at Savay during the 90s and soon incredible catches were made from the lake.

Savay contained a large amount of fish over 20lb and a healthy amount of 30lb fish.


Bankes is the original pioneer of the Cotswolds Waterpark. A good majority of lakes in the Waterpark Bankes has fished and has caught a large amount of the stock. Some truly inspriational stuff!

Expieriences in the Fishing Trade

There is a seciton written in this book about Bankes' expirence working in tackle shops, trout farms as well as seperate experiences at Sparsholt College. It's safe to say that Bankes has done it all when it comes to angling from working in the trade, fishery management to his own fishing. There is definetly going to be some factors in this section which could quite easily influence your angling.