This is my top tip for all year round fishing, it's solid PVA Bag fishing, it's perfect for chucking at showing fish and for your general day ticket waters.

To make the solid PVA bag I use the Fox Rapide Loading System and what I put in the bag is a mixed pellet, this is the Mighty Mix Pellet; a mixed pellet combo to give you lots of different breakdown times. I then put in a really short, uncoated hook length with a bright bait and an inline lead to create a nice streamlined set-up which goes in the bag all neat.

So this is how I tie the PVA Bag, firstly you force the collar from the Loading System inside itself, tuck the bag around the outside and bring it up to around about three-quarters of the way up the collar, put a bit of pellet into the bottom so you've got a little light layer, you then push the hookbait and rig in, make sure the hook sits away from the bait. Then you can lay it over where you've got a nice little groove to set the leader into. Then add a bit more pellet into the bag, so it comes to about halfway in the bag, then drop your lead into the centre. Bit more pellet on top and give it a tap. Hold the bag around the top of the collar and twist it once, one full turn then lick the outside and push it over the top.

Then just to give the bag a bit of better flight, push the corners in and stick them down, and there you go; one aerodynamic bag.

I've used the method to really good success over the last few years, especially on venues like Linear Fisheries. It's caught me numerous thirties and hundreds and hundreds of double-figure carp. It's perfect, just a little mouthful of bait; perfect to get a bite.