March 2013

  1. Fox Supa Brolly System NOW IN STOCK !!!

    Fox Supa Brolly System, NOW IN STOCK !!! Limited Stock so be quick ;-)
  2. Jed Kent with a Lovely Linear

    Here's Jed Kent with a Lovely 30lb Linear, good skills Jed!!
  3. Lee Jordan a surace caught common

    Here's BAC Regular Lee Jordan with a lovely little common he managed to catch off the top Yesterday :-) Good Skills Lee!!  
  4. Fortis Eyewear at Bristol Angling Centre

    We are proud to announce the arrival of Fortis Eyewear to Bristol Angling Centre. Fortis Eyewear produce specialist polarised sunglasses that help you see through water. Our sunglasses eliminate glare and increase visual clarity. Our polarised lenses offer excellent protection against ultraviolet radiation (UV). They offer a significant benefit in reducing eye strain when participating in outdoor activities. Our polarised...
  5. NEW Speed Link System

    Available to Order on 0117 9500 201 and 0117 9508723
  6. Sensas Challenge Weekend Practice

    On Thursday, Gary Pook and I went to Molands Pool for a practice, we went with the idea of trying out a few different ground bait mixes and fishing the waggler. When I woke up in the morning the thermometer on the van said minus 4 and it wasn't until I was half way up the M5, I thought its...
  7. Korda Pop Up Maize Coming Soon

    Coming Soon to BAC!!
  8. Urban Banx 4 Coming Soon !!

  9. Nash Monster Squid Purple 1kg Bags Back In Stock !!

    Nash Monster Squid PURPLE 1kg Bags Back In Stock !!!
  10. New Korda FREE Dvd Tackle, Tactics and Tips Vol 6

    The New Korda Tackle, Tactics and Tips Vol 6 Dvd is Now in Stock !!!!

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