August 2013

  1. Evesham Festival Weekend

    I had a bit of a disappointing weekend, the Saturday, I drew peg 33 opposite the caravans. This one of the pegs where you have a chance to catch a barbel, the last qualifier on the previous Sunday, Tony Davis won it from peg 32 with a barbel and a couple of roach, so I didn't take a lot of...
  2. Chloe Houghton Smashed her PB!!! 4X4 at 51lb 4oz!

    MASSIVE Well Done to Chloe Houghton on her capture of the 4x4 at an Amazing 51lb 4oz! Good Skills Chlo!
  3. Well Done to Stewart Corbiere on this recent Cracker!

    MASSIVE Well Done to Stewart Corbiere on Catching the "Little Lin" 32lb 8oz from Hayward Pool! Good Angling!
  4. Bristol Docks Evening Series 22/8/13

    At last the docks are starting to fish well, not massive weight but everybody is catching and in with a chance of winning a few bob. The roach have started to feed, about a month later than normal, could this be due to the long cold spring we have had???Conditions were good for the Mud Dock stretch, a tinge of...
  5. Evesham Festival Practice Weekend

    Last weekend I spent 2 days at Evesham practicing for the forthcoming Evesham Festival Weekend, as I,ve got an invite for the Saturday and Sunday matches.Last Saturday was a knock up, not a qualifier, and only about 15 anglers turned up, with bloodworm and joker not allowed everybody was expecting a tough match, and they were right. Luckily for us...
  6. A Massive Well Done to Harvey Chamberlan on this awesome 36lb 2oz Common!

    A Massive Well Done to Harvey Chamberlan on this awesome 36lb 2oz Common!
  7. Whiteacres National Fishing Month

    Last week I spent a couple days at Whiteacres as part of the National Fishing Month. Steve Mayo and I went to represent Maver and coach some kids on Jennys and Trelawney.As always at Whiteacres, the fishing was brilliant, we helped about 50 youngsters to catch some fish, some of them showed real potential.
  8. Bristol Docks Evening Series 15/8/13

    Conditions were ideal for thursday nights evening match, the water was coloured, a gentle breeze and overcast skies meant everyone was expecting a good evenings fishing. All season the docks has failed to fish to its potential and this evening was no different.Usually at this time of the year the matches are held at Baltic Wharf, but since the new...
  9. Bristol Docks Evening Series 8/8/13

    The fishing is starting to improve, at last, and the roach are starting to feed. The water level was constantly up and down for Thursday evening match, along with some colour the roach responded better than they have done for a long time.Top rod on the night was Jason Bird with a lovely net of roach for 9lb 4oz, all...
  10. Fortis Matt Black Aviator Sunglasses NOW IN STOCK !

    Fortis Matt Black Aviator Sunglasses Matte Black Edition The Aviator shape has been a style icon for over 70 years. The Fortis Aviator Matte Black sunglasses are finished in a understated matte black colour. The Aviator Black’s incorporate graduated brown polarised lenses and offer great coverage due to the larger than average lens, which aids the elimination of side light...

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