May 2014

  1. Big Shout out to BAC Regular Jack Reid with this Stunner!

  2. A sneak Peak at the all New Jag Black Pro-Lite Bankware

  3. New BAC Show Room - Now Open!!

  4. The BIG Open Day at Bristol Angling Centre - Saturday June 7th

    Saturday JUNE 7th a date not to be missed!! All the Big Names and Open Day BARGINS!!
  5. Sensas Festival France - 17&18/5/14

    Just got back from the 2014 sensas festival fished in the chateadunn region of france. One day fished on the river loir and one day fished on a complex of lakes nearby. I travelled over on the thursday for two days practise and a good look at all the venues.I fished the river on the thursday, i had a really...

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