June 2014

  1. The Best Of Carpology Volume 1 + Free T Shirt

    The Best Of Carpology Volume 1 + Free T Shirt The Best Of Carpology Volume 1 + Free T Shirt is a A5 (rucksack friendly) soft back book, 260 pages and designed in our original retro style. It really is a celebration of CARPology and its writers. Plus, a 10th Anniversary limited edition T'shirt. We have selected our favourites bits...
  2. Big Shout out to Martin Day on this Recent Cracker

    Big Well Done to Martin Day on this recent Cracker! Martin has been putting our New range of Pop Up's through there paces and has had some mega results!! Good Skills Mart!!    
  3. Big Shout out to Darren Coghlan on this recent stunner from Dutch

  4. Delkim EV Plus Bite Alarm - Review

    The Delkim EV Plus Bite Alarm has stood the test of time, it has been around for many years. It has all the features of the Delkim Txi Plus bite alarm, but without the remote system.Delkim EV is a highly reliable and yet very affordable bite alarm, the build quality and the technology is the same as the famous Delkim...
  5. Stoneacres Finest "Bitemark" at 49lb+ - Baz Lloyd

    The Picture says it all!
  6. Do You Test Your Boilies?

    If you don't test your baits you should watch this clip, all boilies are not the same! If you can't test your baits like this our advice is to stick to a reliable and well field tested brand like Nash Bait or Mainline, they have hundreds of field testers who spend thousands of hours testing their prototype baits before they...
  7. Martin Days checks in with a Cracking Common from his syndicate

    Check out this Stunning Common from BAC activist "Martin Day". Well Done buddy!!
  8. Thinking Anglers Tungskin Braided Hooklink

    The hugely popular Thinking Anglers Tungskin Braid is Now In Stock in 3 different breaking strains - 15lb - 25lb - 35lb Check it out here
  9. Craig Andrews with "Poolies" at 36lb 12oz!!

    BIG shout out to Craig Andrews on the capture of "poolies" from Christchurch in Oxford! Well Done mate P.S Nice hood ;-)

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